GDPS Full Form | What is the full form of GDPS?

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GDPS Full Form and Meaning

Many people keep searching for the full form of GDPS on the internet. But there is very little information related to GDPS on the internet, keeping this in mind, here we have shared with you the information related to GDPS like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. If you want to read about GDPS then read this article completely.

What is the full form of GDPS?

GDPS stands for “Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex” Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex(GDPS) is an extension of parallel Sysplex of mainframes located, potentially, in different cities. See the Table for More Full Forms of GDPS.

AbbreviationFull FormCategory
GDPSGeographically Dispersed Parallel SysplexScience
GDPSGlobal Data Processing SystemScience
GDPSGeorgia Department of Public SafetyCommunity
GDPSGeometry Dash Private ServerMiscellaneous
GDPSGraduate Diploma of Psychological StudiesEducation and Study
GDPSGemini Deep Planet SurveyR&D
GDPSGeneral Dynamic Programming SpecComputing
GDPSGlobal Deterministic Prediction SystemMiscellaneous
GDPSGloria Davies Property ServicesMiscellaneous
GDPSGOCI Data Processing SystemMiscellaneous


What is the Full Form of GDPS in Mainframes?

GDPS is stand for “Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex” in Mainframes

What is the Full Form of GDPS in Education and Study?

GDPS is stand for “Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies” in Education and Study

What is the Full Form of GDPS in Computing?

GDPS is stand for “General Dynamic Programming Spec” in Computing.

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