EDC Full Form | What is the Full Form of EDC?

EDC Full Form: Do You know What EDC stands for? Here we share the Full Forms of EDC in Real estate, Chemical, Bank, Chemistry, and Mechanical.

EDC Full Form

Many people keep searching for the full form of EDC on the internet. But there is very little information related to EDC on the internet, keeping this in mind, here we have shared with you the information related to EDC like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. If you want to read about EDC then read this article completely.

What is the Full Form of EDC?

EDC stands for “Electronic data capture”. It is used for collecting data in Electronic format. There are so many other popular Full Forms of EDC like “Electronic Document Coordinator”, “Error Detecting Code”, “Electron Donating Cardinal”, etc. These full forms are used in real estate, Btech, chemicals, Bank, etc, You can see more Full Forms in the Below table.

AbbreviationFull FormCategory
EDCExternal Development ChargesReal Estate
EDCElectronic Document CoordinatorComputer and Networking
EDCElectronic Data Cash RegisterBank
EDCElectronic Dispersion CompensatorTelecommunication
EDCExpected date of confinementMedical
EDCExternal Domain ControllerNetworking
EDCElectronic Diesel ControlMechanical
EDCError Detecting CodeSoftwares
EDCExtended Development Center
EDCEducation Development CenterEducation
EDCElectron Donating CardinalChemistry
EDCEarly childhood developmentOrganization
EDCEmbedded Direct CostsAccounts and Finance
EDCElectrical Design EngineerElectronics
EDCEngineering Design ChangeSpace Science
EDCElectro-chemical Depolarized Co2
EDCElectronic Digital ComputerComputer Hardware
EDCElection Duty CertificateElection
EDCEstimated Date of CompletionMilitary and Defence
EDCError Detection and Correction
EDCExternal Data Coordination

What is the meaning of EDC?

The word “EDC” has no meaning as it is an abbreviation whose full form varies from place to place. That is why it is not possible to derive some definite meaning from it. To understand it Please refer example given below

“Expected date of confinement(EDC)” term is used in Medical. It is used for the Expected date of Delivery.

External Development Charges(EDC) term used in Real Estate. EDC is the fee that builders have to pay to the civic authority for the development of basic facilities in and around housing projects.

Electronic Diesel Control(EDC) term used in Mechanical Engineering. EDC is a diesel engine fuel injection control system. It is used for the precise metering and delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber.

“Electron Donating Cardinal(EDC)” Term used in Chemistry


What is the Full Form of EDC in Real Estate?

The Full Form of EDC is External Development Charges(EDC).

What is the Full Form of EDC in Btech?

The Full Form of EDC in Btech is “Electronic Devices and Circuits”

What is the Full Form of EDC in a Bank?

EDC stands for Electronic Data Cash Register in Bank and finance sector.

What is the Full Form of EDC Chemical?

The full form of EDC in chemicals is ethylene dichloride. it is a chemical Compound

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