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CNF Full Form: Do You know What CNF stands for? Here we share all the information of the CNF like Full Form, Meaning, Application, etc. Read More…

CNF Full Form

Many people keep searching for the full form of CNF on the internet. But there is very little information related to CNF on the internet, keeping this in mind, here we have shared with you the information related to CNF like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. If you want to read about CNF then read this article completely.

What is the Full Form of CNF?

CNF stands for “Confirmed Ticket”. It is used in Railway Ticket. There are so many other popular Full Forms of CNF like “Compressed Natural Fuel”, “clausal normal form”, “Colville National Forest”, etc. You can see more Full Forms in the Below table.

AbbreviationFull FormCategory
CNFclausal normal formOther
CNFCarrying and forwarding agentPharma
CNFConfiguration printer setup fileFile Extension
CNFConjunctive normal formAI
CNFC N F Transmission, Inc.NYSE Symbol
CNFConfirmedIndian Railways
CNFCHIANKIIndian Railways
CNFCrunchy Normal FormFunny
CNFColville National ForestGovernment
CNFCleveland National Forest
CNFCost and freightMisc
CNFBelo HorizonteAirport Code
CNFCompressed Natural FuelInternational Business
CNFTancredo Neves airportRegional Airport Code
CNFTancredo Neves International Airport, Minas Gerais, BrazilRegional Airport Code
CNFCentre Neurologique et de readaption FonctionnelleMedical
CNFChomsky Normal FormTransportation
CNFCommonwealth Nurses FederationOrganization
CNFConsejo Nacional de la FaunaOrganization

What is the Meaning of CNF?

The word “CNF” has no meaning as it is an abbreviation whose full form varies from place to place. That is why it is not possible to derive some definite meaning from it. To understand it Please refer example given below

“Confirmed”(CNF) Abbreviation CNF is used in the Railway department to show whether your ticket is confirmed or not. CNF is also a shortcode for Indian railway station “CHIANKI”

“Cost and Freight(CNF)” is a term used in Import Export. it defines that “the supplier of goods is responsible for the freight-related charges. The buyer of the products is responsible for organizing and paying the insurance on the goods.”

Carrying and forwarding agent(CNF)” is used in Pharma. The agent obtains stocks from the manufacturer and makes them available to the company’s dealers and distributors called CNF.


What is the Full Form of CNF in Railway?

The Full Form of CNF in Railway is “Confirmed” which is used to display whether your ticket is confirmed or not.

What is the Full Form of CNF in Medicin and Pharma?

The Full Form of CNF in Medicin and Pharma is Carrying and forwarding agent

What is the Full Form of CNF in Logistic and Import-Export?

The Full Form of CNF in Logistic and Import-Export is “Cost and Freight

What is the Full Form of CNF in AI?

The Full Form of CNF in AI “Conjunctive normal form“. It is an important normal form of propositional logic.

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