CEC Full Form | What is the full form of CEC?

CEC Full Form: Do You know What CEC stands for? Here we share all the information of the CEC like Full Form, Meaning, Application, etc. Read More…

CEC Full Form

Many people keep searching for the full form of CEC on the internet. But there is very little information related to CEC on the internet, keeping this in mind, here we have shared with you the information related to CEC like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. If you want to read about CEC then read this article completely.

What is the Full Form of CEC?

CEC stands for “Chief Election Commissioner”. It is a Position that conducts the election process. There are so many other popular Full Forms of CEC like Canadian Electric Code, Cell Evaluation Chip, Clear Enter Clear, etc. You can see more Full Forms in the Below table.

AbbreviationFull FormCategory
CECCanadian Electric CodeComputer and Networking
CECEuropean Committee for Standardization
CECChief Election CommissionerElection
CECConsumer Electronics ControllerSoftwares
CECCation Exchange CapacityChemistry
CECCell Evaluation ChipElectronics
CECConsumer Electronics Control
CECControl Electronics ContainerSpace Science
CECControl Encoder Coupler
CECCrescent City (ca)Airport Code
CECCertified Executive ChefCertifications
CECClear Enter ClearComputer Assembly Language
CECCebu Eastern CollegeEducational Institute
CECCalifornia Energy CommissionPhysics Related
CECCommodities Exchange Center, IncStock Exchange
CECCentral Electronic ComplexMilitary and Defence
CECComputer Engineering Center
CECCooperative Engagement Capability
CECCivil Engineer Corps

What is the Meaning of CEC?

The word “CEC” has no meaning as it is an abbreviation whose full form varies from place to place. That is why it is not possible to derive some definite meaning from it. To understand it Please refer example given below

“Chief Election Commissioner”(CEC) is a post that takes care of the election process in the country and completes it in an orderly and undisputed manner.

“Commodities Exchange Center”(CEC) is a place where various commodities are traded across the commodity. It is associated with the share market.

“California Energy Commission”(CEC) is an organization that operates and controls the energy sector. The California-based institute also periodically monitors the progress of the energy sector.


What is the full form of CEC in Election?

The full form of CEC in Election is “Chief Election Commissioner

What is the full form of CEC in Software?

The full form of CEC in Software is “Consumer Electronics Controller”

What is the full form of CEC in Physics?

The full form of CEC in Physics is “California Energy Commission”

What is the full form of CEC in Certification?

The full form of CEC in Certification is “Certified Executive Chef”

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