Book Full Form | What is the full form of book?

Book Full Form: Do You know What Book stands for? Here we share all the information of the Book like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. Read More…

Book Full Form

Many people keep searching for the full form of Book on the internet. But there is very little information related to books on the internet, keeping this in mind, here we have shared with you the information related to books like Full Form, Uses, Meaning, etc. If you want to read about books then read this article completely.

What is the full form of Book?

Book stands for “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge”. There are so many other popular Full Forms of Book. You can see this Full Form in Below table.

AbbreviationFull FormCategory
BOOKBuilt-in Orderly Organized KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBig Ocean of KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBrainy Object of KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBook adobe Framemaker
BOOKBio Optical Organized KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBold Optimistic Open Mind KindGeneral
BOOKBasic Of Our KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBundle Of Outstanding KnowledgeGeneral
BOOKBody Of Organized KnowledgeGeneral

Meaning and Definition of Book:

To understand the Meaning of a Book, Here we provide a different definition of a book.

1.  A written work that is published as printed pages fastened together inside a cover, or in electronic form
2.  A number of pieces of paper, fastened together inside a cover, for people to write or draw on

Do you know that book is an English word whose full form is not actually used? All the full forms of the book given here are not used. All these only define the book.

Uses of Book

There are so many Positive uses of books. Here we share some of it. We hope that after reading these positive uses, you too will definitely start reading any good book.

  • Book is used to improve vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Some book is such that it is also used for brain exercise.
  • Book is the best option for stress relief.
  • Reading books is very helpful to increase memory.
  • Enhances creativity
  • Expands the mind, which increases the range of thinking in any subject.
  • Helps to increase self-confidence.
  • Book is also used to bring good sleep.

Types of Books

There is no fixed type of partition of book. But if you want, you can classify it on different basis. As earlier the book was available only in the form of Hardcopy, but now the option of EBOOK is also available.
Apart from this, on the aadhar of the content of the book, it can also be classified such as,

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comics
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Religious and Spiritual
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi
  • Thriller

FAQ – Bool Full Form

What is the full form of the book?

Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge

Which are the 5 Most Popular Full Forms?

The 5 Most Popular Full Forms are,
Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge
Bio Optical Organized Knowledge
Brainy Object Of Knowledge
Bundle Of Outstanding Knowledge
Best Of Our Knowledge
Body Of Organized Knowledge

We hope that we have liked the information about Book Full-Form given here. If you have any queries regarding the information given here or you want to suggest any new full form, then you can do it here in the comment box given below. To Download Different Book in PDF: Click Here

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