AF Full Form: List of All Full Form of AF

AF Full Form: Do you know the full form of AF? Here we have given you information about the full form of AF in which we have explained which full form of AF is used in various categories like Science, Medical, Military, Software, Chemistry, Massaging, etc. If you would like to provide information other than the full form of AF provided here, please let us know in the comment box below.

AF Full Form

AFAuto-finish Softwares
AFAuthentication FrameworkSoftwares
AFAfter EffectsSoftwares
AFAuthority FileSoftwares
AFActive FrameSoftwares
AFAir Freshener Chemistry
AFAdded FluoroelastomerChemistry
AFAnisotropic FilteringChemistry
AFAugmented FormulationChemistry
AFAutomatic Filter Electronics
AFAttenuation FactorElectronics
AFAudio FrequencyElectronics
AFAnode FallElectronics
AFAir Force Space Science
AFAft FuselageSpace Science
AFAir FrameSpace Science
AFAerobrake FerrySpace Science
AFAugmentation Force Military and Defence
AFAbbreviated FormMilitary and Defence
AFAppropriated FundsMilitary and Defence
AFAdministrative FailureMilitary and Defence
AFAmerican ForcesMilitary and Defence
AFAllied ForcesMilitary and Defence
AFArmed ForcesMilitary and Defence
AFAdvance FightingMilitary and Defence
AFAmphibious ForceMilitary and Defence
AFAnisotropic Filtering Information Technology
AFAfghanistan Country Names
AFAtrial Fibrillation Medical
AFAt First Messaging
AFAdvanced Functions Computer Assembly Language
AFAddress FamilyComputer Assembly Language
AFAnti-fall Earth Science
AFAcross FlatsEarth Science
AFAlternating Field Physics Related
AFAcceleration FactorPhysics Related
AFAfter FordSports
AFAssured Forwarding Telecommunication
AFAGRA FORTIndian Railway Station
AFAll Funds Banking
AFActive Fifo (first-in, First-out) Accounts and Finance
AFAnisotropic Filtering Database Management
AFApproximately Finite Maths
AFArray FormulaMaths

Here we have shared with you more than 40 AF forms which are based on topics like Maths, Banking, Sport, Physics, Medical, IT, Military, Space, Electronics, Chemistry, Software. The AF full form provided here will be helpful in many places, from exams to interviews.

FAQ – AF Full Form

What is the Full Form of AF in Chat and Social Media?

The Full Form of AF in the chat is “At First “. Another Full Form of AF is “As F***”

What is the Full Form of AF in Medical?

The Full Form of AF in the Medical is “Atrial Fibrillation”

What is the Full Form of AF in Camera?

The Full Form of AF in Camera is “Autofocus”

What is the Full Form of AF in Vehicle?

The Full Form of AF in Vehicle is “”Applied For””

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