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ACP Full Form: Here we provide all the various and useful Full-Form lists of Acronyms ACP. These acronyms are used in various categories like Police Department, Account and Finance, Software, Electronics, Space, Computer and Hardware, Military and Defense, etc.

Below we provide all the Important Full Form of ACP with Category.

ACP Full Form

ACPAdditional Commissioner of PoliceIndian Police Rank
ACPAssistant Commissioner of Police Indian Police Rank
ACPAnticipated Cash Provider Accounts and FinanceAccounts and Finance
ACPAnnual Compensation PaymentAccounts and Finance
ACPAverage Conditional Probability Accounts and Finance
ACPActivities, Channels, and PoolsAccounts and Finance
ACPAverage Contribution Percentage Accounts and Finance
ACPAppalachian College of Pharmacy Educational Institute
ACPAmerican College of Phlebology Educational Institute
ACPAlberta College of PharmacistsEducational Institute
ACPAmerican College of Phlebology’sEducational Institute
ACPAdvance College Project Educational Institute
ACPAllied Communications Protocol Military and Defence
ACPAir Commander’s Pointer Military and Defence
ACPArmament Cooperative Project Military and Defence
ACPAdjacent Channel Power Military and Defence
ACPAuto Colt Pistol Military and Defence
ACPArmy Capabilities Plan Military and Defence
ACPAllied Communications Publication Military and Defence
ACPArea Coordination Paper Military and Defence
ACPAirspace Control Plan Military and Defence
ACPAutomatic Centerfire Pistol Military and Defence
ACPAccess Control Point Military and Defence
ACPAutomated Command PostMilitary and Defence
ACPAutomatic Cartridge Pistol Military and Defence
ACPAssign Common Pool Military and Defence
ACPAir Cadet Publication Military and Defence
ACPAirline Control ProgramInformation Technology
ACPAdvanced Co-processor Computer Hardware
ACPAdministrator’s Control PanelComputer Hardware
ACPActual Contribution Percentage Stock Exchange
ACPAmerican Center for Physics Physics Related
ACPAtmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsPhysics Related
ACPAutomated Change Processing Space Science
ACPAnsi Code Page ComputerAssembly Language
ACPAverage Contribution PercentMeasurement Unit
ACPAzimuth Counter Pulse Electronics
ACPAfrican, Caribbean, and Pacific Country-Specific
ACPApplication Control Parameter Softwares
ACPAssociated Computer Professional Job Title
ACPActive Control Point Earth Science

Here we provide all the important ACP full forms which are very helpful in various competitive exams. Frequently these types of questions are asked in various exams.


There are two full forms of ACP in the Indian Police Rank.

  • Additional Commissioner of Police
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police

Assured Career Progression

Azimuth Counter Pulse

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